John F. Kennedy International Airport

1943 - Airport Project named Idlewild Airport, built on property that was originally the Idlewild Golf Course

1943 - Airport Project renamed Major General Alexander E. Anderson Airport, in honor of Civil War Major General Alexander E. Anderson.

1948 - Airport renamed New York International Airport, Anderson Field.

July 1, 1948 - Airport opens for first commercial passenger flights.

Even after the multiple renamings, residents of the New York area continued to refer to the airport as "Idlewild Airport" or "Idlewild Field".

Dec. 24, 1963 -Renamed after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the assasinated 35th President of the United States.

In its early days, the airport was a busy destination and terminal for the airlines of the day, including Eastern Airlines, United Airlines, Braniff, American Airlines, TransWorld Airlines (TWA), and many others.

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